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BCA Construction Excellence Award 2020


The BCA Construction Excellence Award was introduced in 1986 and is now into its 34th year of competition To date, BCA has conferred 343 Excellence Awards and 281 Merit Awards 1986 2019 Invitations for nominations for the 2020 Awards were made in March 2020 to architectural and engineering consultancy firms, government departments, statutory boards as well as construction firms There were 40 nominations and 32 projects were shortlisted for evaluation In the end, 16 Excellence Awards and 12 Merit Awards were conferred in 2020.

BHCC is proud to be one of the winner amongst the 12 Merit Awards for the first time since our conception in 2003.  Kudos to Yishun Meadow Spring team for this significant accomplishment, we look forward to our collective and continual efforts to achieve more recognitions in our forthcoming endeavors.

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