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BHCC Badminton 2018!


BHCC held our annual Badminton competition on Sunday, 11 November 2018. Thank you everyone who came down and congratulations to all our winners! 



Men's Singles 

1st: Jerry (friend of BHCC)

2nd: Dominic 

3rd: Li Peng 


Women's Singles 

1st: Summer (friend of BHCC)

2nd: Corrine Tan 

3rd: Ms. Chua


Men's Doubles

1st: Jerry (Friend of BHCC) & Li Dongxiao

2nd: Mr. Yang & Li Peng

3rd: Dominic & Kang Zeng 


Women's Doubles 

1st: Summer (Friend of BHCC) & Corrine

2nd: Ms. Chua & Angela 

3rd: Lin Jingxian & Zhang Lu

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